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  • Foolish Thing Desire
    For gay men, the intersection of sex and race brings out the worst in a small number of people, who then make headaches for everyone else.
  • Deserve American
    Reducing citizenship to where you're born diminishes what it means to be an American for everyone.
  • This Land Is Your Land
    Journalist Jose Antonio Vargas came out as undocumented and challenged the nation on what it means to be American.
  • Daniel's Choice
    Faced with a decision between living with integrity or living a lie, West Point graduate and Iraq War veteran Lt. Daniel Choi chose honesty
  • Cross Cultural
    Cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner for my in-laws last year, things were going perfectly up until the point when I sliced off the tip of my finger.
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Does any of this really surprise you?

Bob, I think it's a little disingenuous to claim that under Obama it's all Congress's fault, but back in the 1990s it was all Clinton's fault. It's a law today because Congress passed it then, and Congress would have passed it then even if Clinton had issued an executive order.

More broadly, yes, I'm disappointed in Congress as well. On this issue too many of them act like scared little children afraid that the men in uniforms and medals are going to raise their voices at them. But the argument that "it's all up to Congress" applies to pretty much everything, be it ENDA or DADT or hate crimes or DOMA. Obama has a role to play in moving this forward, if he chooses to play it, and given that one of his roles is to be the civilian head of the military, his role on DADT is actually even more important and relevant.

Anyway, I haven't tossed up my hands and declared the Obama administration an EPIC FAIL. Gay issues weren't actually my top issue during the campaign -- rule of law and ending a corrupt, venal government that used illegal, extraconstitutional means to abduct and torture its own citizens and unilaterally rescind basic constitutional rights were more my concern. Overall, I'm pretty happy with Obama. It's as a gay man that I'm beginning to get annoyed by all the hurry-up-and-wait on DADT.

Shouldn't your disappointment be with the Congress? Obama could push them to repeal DADT, but, thanks to Clinton, it is a law, and not just a policy that is at the discretion of the President to repeal on his own. As far as I can tell, DADT is only number three on the list of gay bills, after Hate Crimes and ENDA. HC seems to be the only one with a shot of passing this year.

Yes, Obama could be doing more. But he never made gay rights a priority in his campaign. He was mostly right on the issues, but the economy, the wars, the environment, health care, and a host of other things were clearly more important to him during the campaign.

He'll sign those bills if they get to him, but it is up to the Congress to pass them.

Didn't President Obama name an openly-gay man to this same panel? I think its worth mentioning that if you are going to mention this. Leaving that piece of information out taints the views of a reader who is less-than-informed.

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