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  • Foolish Thing Desire
    For gay men, the intersection of sex and race brings out the worst in a small number of people, who then make headaches for everyone else.
  • Deserve American
    Reducing citizenship to where you're born diminishes what it means to be an American for everyone.
  • This Land Is Your Land
    Journalist Jose Antonio Vargas came out as undocumented and challenged the nation on what it means to be American.
  • Daniel's Choice
    Faced with a decision between living with integrity or living a lie, West Point graduate and Iraq War veteran Lt. Daniel Choi chose honesty
  • Cross Cultural
    Cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner for my in-laws last year, things were going perfectly up until the point when I sliced off the tip of my finger.
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  • I’m the co-publisher of Metro Weekly, Washington, DC’s biggest and best gay and lesbian publication. Over the course of my 40-something years, I've been a good little golden boy, a sub-Ivy-League college grad, an annoying activist, a very active party boy, a humorist and a journalist -- if those last two have any distinction. In addition to the magazine, I’m a freelance writer, car reviewer, book addict, gamer, amateur tennis player and reasonably successful husband. I have my hands full.
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Use a dictionary and grammar guide constantly. Keep a small English dictionary with you at all time. When you see a new word, look it up. Think about the word - use it, in your mind, in a sentence.

Sean, I hate to ruin your rant with reality but - Christine Delargy's piece has higher standards that Walter Duranty's pulitzer winning fantasy on Stalin's five year plan.

Assertions on your part that journalism has ever valued veracity would require them to have retracted that pulitzer decades ago if it were in existance. It didn't happen.

You probably know most of the tricks, but the book "Rumors and Rumor Control: A Manager's Guide to Understanding and Combatting Rumors," by Allan J. Kimmel is a useful read. See also "Damage Control," by Eric Dezenhall and John Weber.

Sorry to hear about the stupid crap you had to deal with. I've noticed the professionalism with even Associated Press reporters is going down the tubes. I deal with the media at work on some hot-button issues, and many of the journalist calls I get are from clearly biased reporters looking for a quote to fit their angle, and they'll print it any way they can.

I knew it was all a dead red herring perhaps maliciously placed. Like dead fish it stunk. But MW wasn't going anywhere. It can't. This town has stopped needing it.

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