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  • Foolish Thing Desire
    For gay men, the intersection of sex and race brings out the worst in a small number of people, who then make headaches for everyone else.
  • Deserve American
    Reducing citizenship to where you're born diminishes what it means to be an American for everyone.
  • This Land Is Your Land
    Journalist Jose Antonio Vargas came out as undocumented and challenged the nation on what it means to be American.
  • Daniel's Choice
    Faced with a decision between living with integrity or living a lie, West Point graduate and Iraq War veteran Lt. Daniel Choi chose honesty
  • Cross Cultural
    Cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner for my in-laws last year, things were going perfectly up until the point when I sliced off the tip of my finger.
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What the Republicans who are celebrating this Jeremiah Wright business are missing is that the Wright flap would have helped them if it had broken weeks before the election. Getting it out of the way now will make it a non-issue for the general election. As superficial as the media can be, I can't imagine them covering someone like Jeremiah Wright for months. He simply is not that charming. By the way, there is another interesting article on the Wright-Obama situation here:

Hello everyone, my name is Zaphod Zitmeister, and I am a man of integrity.

I wish I could say the same of Jeremiah Wright, but this guy makes Al Sharpton look like a big cuddily teddy bear. Wright is a jerk, and does not deserve the microphone, no megaphone, that the media is giving him. Pastor Wright ZIP IT! You are doing no one any good, and least of all yourself. There is a good article on the Wright-Obama controversey here:


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